Carefully prepared in small quantities, this Yuzu marmalade is made with a generous amount of high-quality yuzu peel, which gives it a strong yuzu flavor with just the right amount of bitterness and a refined taste with a moderate sweetness. Spread a thin layer of butter on toast and top with marmalade. It also goes well with crackers and cheese. A great topping for desserts, as well as for meat dishes.


Yuzu, granulated sugar

2.2 in x 2.2 in x 3.62 in

5.64 oz

1 Month, Room Temperature


Halal: JIT Halal certification
yuzuya honten

Since our company was founded in January 1978, we have been committed to creating authentic flavors that make the most of local ingredients under the theme of "from the sky of Hagi and the soil of Hagi". Although it is time-consuming and costly, we manufacture most of our products by hand, one by one, by the staff of the Yuzuya Honten. And we take our customers' requests seriously and reflect them in the creation of our products. We are also committed to the idea that 'good food is healthy'. We do not use any food additives in our products, including chemical seasonings, for the health of both our customers and our staff. All of us will continue to do our utmost to satisfy our customers in this increasingly health- and nature-oriented world.