YUZU Hojicha Tea bag


Single teabag, each containing 3g of tea, comes in an individual sachet. Use 1 tea bag for a cup. With a single teabag, you can enjoy the tea until about 2nd infusion. This tea bag is made by blending Hoji-cha and dried Yuzu peel. Sugar-free, additive-free tea made by 100% natural material. The overseas popularity of Japanese yuzu (citrus) has been increasing year by year, and combining it with green tea, which goes well with it, has made it a more popular product. Recommended to health-conscious people who appreciates a food culture with importance to aroma.


Green tea (Roasted green tea), Dried citrus peel

4.33 in x 4.33 in x 0.00 in

0.11 oz

1 Year, Room Temperature


TD 扇(海外)

Our company was founded in 1865. We began our business as a grocer, and around 1878, we entered the tea business, which is a local industry in Shizuoka. Around 1914, when overseas demand for green tea increased, we began exporting tea to foreign countries. Today, we are involved in OEM tea production for major mass retailers, and have established our own brand of green tea, focusing on high quality products, to convey the appeal of green tea both domestically and internationally.