You are what you eat. Because it is a daily snack, we want people to enjoy something safe and delicious made with simple and healthy ingredients. With this in mind, konjac potato farmers developed these sugar- and gelatin-free gummies. Enjoy the natural sweetness of only apple juice and erythritol and the unique texture of konjac.


Konjac,concentrated apple juice,Erythrito

3.94 in x 1.18 in x 6.1 in

17.6 oz

365 Days, Room Temperature



Our company is engaged in the production and processing of konnyaku (konjac) sweet potatoes in Showa Village, a member of the Union of the Most Beautiful Villages. We are committed to solving social issues through konjac based on our belief that we can turn our excitement into something tangible. We are currently working to provide healthy snacks that are safe for children to eat and that do not cause tooth decay. For example, with obesity, lifestyle-related diseases, and tooth decay on the rise worldwide, there are many ways in which konjac can help.