YOSHINO JAPANESE Craft Fruits Sake Sumo Tangerine


Founded in 1868 in Nara Prefecture, where the first emperor, Emperor Jinmu, led Japan to its foundation, we brew the sake "Yatagarasu". Nara Prefecture is the birthplace of sake and the brewery of the ancient Bodaiyuan. Yoshino, where the brewery is located, is a World Heritage Site. In 2000, we began producing handcrafted fruit liqueurs by ordering fruit from farmers throughout Japan that had become too difficult to ship to the market and peeling and removing the seeds by hand. In addition to the grated pulp, we add diced pulp to produce a liqueur that even allows you to enjoy the texture of the fruit. This health-conscious liqueur is based on pure rice sake and features 1.5 billion plant-based lactic acid bacteria per bottle. In addition, the drink is low-calorie, non-sugar, gluten-free, non-GMO, and dairy-free, making it a beauty and health-conscious drink. Each bottle contains approximately 27% of the flavor of Shiranui, which is overflowing with rich pulp and juice.


Brewing alcohol, Sumo Tangerine, Tangerine Juice, Concentrated Juice of Valencia Oranges, Fermented Soy Milk (Vegetable Prebiotic (Sakura 9 Strain)), Junmai Sake, Fructose, Citric Acid, Mandarin Orange Flavor, Sucralose, Ace-K

2.56 in x 2.56 in x 9.06 in

16.91 oz

2 Years, Room Temperature


kitaoka honten

Nara Prefecture is said to be the birthplace of sake, and a number of ancient documents confirm that sake brewing began to flourish in Nara around 1441. And Yoshino, where our brewery is located, prospered as a transportation hub in the early Edo period. The brewery was located in the center of the area and was also involved in the production of sake, soy sauce, and oil, as well as the banking business. In 1868, the seventh-generation brewer consolidated these businesses into a dedicated sake brewing operation. Around 2000, we started developing liqueurs made of fruits, and selling it under Yoshino Monogatari (Story of Yoshino) brand. We purchase over 50 varieties of fruits directly from farmers all over Japan, and strive to develop and produce various fruits liqueurs.