White scraped kelp


This kelp product, called white tororo kelp, is made by shaving the white part of the kelp. It is used in a variety of dishes such as miso soup, marinated, and simmered dishes. Its rich dietary fiber and minerals, as well as the unique flavor of seaweed, add depth and flavor to dishes. In addition, white tororo kelp is considered healthy. Kelp also contains dietary fiber and antioxidants, which are believed to help improve intestinal health and immunity.


Kelp Brewed vinegar  Reduced sugar syrup  L‐monosodium glutamate  Stevia rebaudiana  Pullulan

13.39 in x 9.06 in x 1.18 in

10.58 oz

10 Months, Room Temperature


dosho kombu

Founded in April 1916 as Dosho Kombu in Kojimacho, Toyama City. At the time of establishment, there were many fish wholesalers in Kojima Town. Started wholesaling kombu (kelp) to fish wholesalers in order for them to marinate fish with kombu and preserve it for a long time. May 2019: Moved from Kojima-cho, Toyama-shi to Inari-motomachi Products handled: kelp, processed kelp products, kelp sweets, etc.