Wasabi Soy Sauce Powder SYO-60U


・The powdered type allows for easy seasoning just by sprinkling. ・Suitable not only for Japanese cuisine but also for fried food and meat dishes. ・It is conveniently packaged in stand-up packs for easy use


Powdered soy sauce [Soy Sauce(Soy,Wheat),Salt,Modified Starch],Salt,Monosodium Glutamate,Artificial Flavor,Sugar,Garlic

6.38 in x 3.94 in x 0.79 in

2.12 oz

360 Days, Room Temperatrue

Soy Sauce(Soy,Wheat)


Since the establishment of our company in 1929, we have continued as a pioneer in wasabi products to put quality first, in order to deliver fresh and aromatic wasabi to our customers. Thanks to our efforts, "KINJIRUSHI" has gained an excellent reputation as a trusted brand of wasabi products. The KINJIRUSHI Group will continue to strive forward based on its management philosophy of, "through our products, contributing to the health of mankind and diversifying the food culture around the world.” We look forward to your continued support. We are committed to contribute to the development of food culture, aiming to be a "Creative Partner Company".