This instant miso soup contains no animal ingredients and is made from vegetable and kelp broth with lots of vegetable ingredients. Vegans and those who don't like the smell of fish can also enjoy this miso soup.


Seasoning miso: Rice miso (made in Japan) (soybeans, rice, salt, sugar), fermentation seasoning, kelp extract, salt, soybean flour, soybean flour, salt, sugar), (soybeans, rice, salt, sugar), fermentation seasoning, kelp extract, salt, Vegetable broth, yeast extract, shiitake mushroom extract / sake spirit Ingredients: Wakame seaweed, spinach, green onion, Chinese cabbage

5.31 in x 2.36 in x 8.27 in

2.42 oz

240 Days, Room Temperature




A miso brewery located near Nagoya City in Aichi Prefecture, Japan. The company produces soybean miso, which matures for a year, and Saikyo Shiro Miso, used for Saikyo-yaki (grilled fish). Founded in 1830, today we are known for our soybean miso, rice miso, Saikyo white miso as well as miso sauce called "tsukemiso kakemiso" (dipping miso and pouring miso). The company also manufactures its own brand of miso for overseas markets as well as for OEM needs. From retail use to commercial use, we are capable of handling small to large lots. Direct trade is also available.