Uji Gyokuro Tea Bags


"Gyokuro" is the highest grade of green tea. Easy-to-handle tea bags are made with Uji Gyokuro, which is produced in Uji, one of Japan's premier tea-producing regions. Compared to regular sencha, it is richer in theanine and amino acids, which are natural umami components.


Green tea (Kyoto Prefecture)

4.72 in x 1.38 in x 8.27 in

1.06 oz

1 Year, Room Temperature



YAMASHIRO & CO., LTD. has a factory in Kyoto Prefecture, famous for its Uji tea, where young leaves grown with great care are quickly processed at the factory. Packaged under strict hygiene control, fresh tea is delivered to the market as quickly as possible. We also handle teas from famous tea-producing areas in Japan such as Yame, Ureshino, Kakegawa, and Chiran, and can offer hundreds of varieties of teas including matcha, health tea, organic tea, and Japanese black tea.