Gentle aroma of cream, almond, ripe banana and dried cranberry. Complex and pronounce yet soft and well-balanced sake with gentle sweetness, rich umami and refreshing acidity. This sake works widely from traditional Japanese flavours to western dishes.


Rice, Rice Koji

2.76 in x 2.76 in x 11.42 in

24.35 oz

3 Years, Refrigerated



Tsuchida Sake Brewery is situated in Kawaba, a small village of 3,100 people in Gunma Pref., a mountainous region northwest of Tokyo. Established in 1907, it has been a family operation for six generations. Using natural spring water from Mt. Hotaka filtered over 50 years by nature, all of our sake is made using the original kimoto method*. Our sake contains no additives, including distilled alcohol, manufactured lactic acid, and enzyme agents, some of which do not legally have to be stated on labels.