TOKUJUEN Organic Native species


A rare native tea that has been cultivated by sowing tea seeds since ancient times in Japan, and now accounts for only a few percent of all teas in the country. This tea is grown without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Compared to varieties grown by cuttings, the roots grow deeper into the ground, which makes the tea rich in minerals and gives it a full flavor and full-bodied taste. Picked from tea trees that are over 100 years old in our own tea garden. “Drinking with peace of mind, coexisting with nature” is the idea that represent our passion for making tea.


Organic tea

4.33 in x 1.18 in x 9.06 in

2.75 oz

1 Year, Room Temperature



Established in 1945. In the winter, using woods from broadleaf trees, charcoals are made in a traditional kiln for charcoal making for the tea ceremony. For 35 years, we have been making organic Tamba tea by using the wood vinegar solution and powdered charcoal collected during this process, preparing the soil, and applying organic fertilizers to the tea plantation. In particular, our original product "Organic Tamba Sun-dried Akachan bancha," which is made using the traditional method of drying the tea in the sun, is highly appreciated by people of all ages, including those raising children and certified nursery schools, as an Akachan Bancha that children can drink with peace of mind.