Vegan soup developed for the US market.


Sesame paste, processed soy milk, salt, sugar, miso, thickener (modified starch, guar), yeast extract, emulsifier, processed protein decomposition product, vegetable extract, fragrance, water, alcohol (processing aid)

6.3 in x 2.83 in x 8.86 in

20.46 oz

18 Months, Room Temperature

soybeans, tree nuts, sesame

ダイショー 20年ロゴ

With the corporate philosophy, “Good taste makes you happy,” DAISHO Co., Ltd. has taken up various initiatives in developing the “Yakiniku dipping sauce,” “Aji Shio-Kosho salt-pepper seasoning,” “Nabe soup” and other products with the aim of creating a rich food culture. Consumer demands for “Food safety” have been increasing these days. In order to sincerely respond to such voices, we will address the most crucial question of “Safety and security,” and strive to supply safe, tasty and convenient food products, aiming to be a stable company with long-term business opportunity.