the Kid-Friendly Tea Brewing Set ”Cha cha cha” 6 kinds of tea


Introducing the kid-friendly tea brewing set! Safe and easy for children to brew their own tea with water. Enjoy delightful flavors without too much caffeine. Explore different types of tea, create unique blends, and discover tastes and aromas. Encourage your child's growth through the experience of brewing tea. (2 packets each of sencha, black tea, hojicha, lemongrass, brown rice, and matcha.


Green tea, Black tea, Roasted rice, lemongrass

4.53 in x 0.59 in x 10.63 in

0.6 oz

2 Years, Room Temperature


marufuku seicha

Established in 1955. We purchase, process and sell tea from all over Japan, mainly from Shizuoka. We are good at adjusting roasting heat power to high or low to bring out the characteristics of the producing region and to meet the customer's needs. In 2001, the company obtained JONA organic certification for its organic products, in line with the company's management philosophy of preserving traditional tea production while proposing a "teatime" suited to modern life. In addition, the company has been developing new products using tea, such as tea potage soup and tea poured over yoghurt, to propose new ways of eating and drinking tea.