The CHOYA Golden Ume Fruit


The CHOYA Golden Ume Fruit is our signature product with using Nanko Ume (more than 2 L size), and aging more than 1 year. Award: 2021 The San Francisco World Spirits Competition(SFWSC)Gold


Ume fruit, sugar, cane spirit

2.95 in x 2.95 in x 10.83 in

25.36 oz

5 Years, Room Temperature


Non-GMO Project
choya umeshu

The World's No.1 Umeshu company With over 100 years of history, expertly crafting Umeshu(plum wine) and Japanese originated flavor beverages. Umeshu, Unique alcoholic beverage made from Japanese Ume(plum) fruit The Ume fruit is rich in historical tradition within Japan. Homemade Umeshu was a staple in households centuries ago, and CHOYA carries that tradition into the present and future. We use only the highest quality, perfectly ripe Ume grown by our contract farmers who takes utmost care in creating good soils. We have developed our unique method to produce the best Umeshu possible, which is aged in inert cask over one year to optimize the extraction of fruit and seeds.