Sudachi&Cucumber syrup


Made with sudachi and cucumber grown in Tokushima Prefecture. Enjoy the refreshing sourness of sudachi and the unique aroma of cucumber. Drink it by diluting the syrup at a ratio of 1:4-5.


Granulated sugar,Sudachi Juice,Cucumber,Apple vinegar

2.09 in x 2.09 in x 7.68 in

9.13 oz

1 Year, Room Temperature


Halal: NAHA
bando foods

We are a small citrus fruit juice (Sudachi, Yuzu, Yuko) processing manufacturer and a citrus farmer. In order to deliver the authentic fruit aroma and taste, we provide the juice with as little modification as possible, and we also sell health-friendly products that do not rely on additives. We are working with local farmers to continue to protect the mountain landscape and the citrus industry.