Shunnouten Junmai Sake


We use 100% rice from Yamanashi prefecture. The soft and rich mouthfeel, with crisp aftertaste. You never get tired of drinking it. You can enjoy it served cold or hot. It is our best-selling product.


Rice/ Rice Koji

2.76 in x 2.76 in x 11.81 in

24.35 oz

365 Days, Room Temperature


yorozuya jozoten

YOROZUYA JOZOTEN, a sake brewery founded in 1790 in the town of Fujikawa, Minamikoma district of Yamanashi Prefecture, a land rich in nature overlooking the magnificent Mt. Fuji. Founded on the idea that "When it comes to local Sake, we want to keep to our local Sake rice, water source, and people", we have local Sake rice farm contractors as well as our own in-house rice milling, and so roughly 90% of the Sake rice is taken from local suppliers. Our brewing process begins from rice harvesting, polishing rice in-house and brew using the finest underground water sourced at the southernmost peak of the Southern Alps. Our top brand "Shunnouten" was named after the elegant meaning of "Spring Warbler Song", drawing on the famous Waka poem by Akiko Yosano who visited us and praised the flavor, aroma and presentation of this brand. Our Sake is all Junmai, refreshing with crisp finish, dry, with umami in the aftertaste. Not trendy in style, but for us customer satisfaction is more important.