Sanuki Soumen 300g


Boil water in a pot, add dried noodles, boil for 2 minutes to desired firmness, and eat with your favorite soup. After boiling, the noodles can also be served cold by rinsing them in cold water. It is a hot-selling dried noodle in Japan, and more than 300 tons (about 50,000 cases) are shipped annually to Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan. We hope you will consider our products.


wheat flour、salt

2.95 in x 0.39 in x 9.06 in

10.58 oz

2 Years, Room Temperature



○ Business overview (company history, main products, etc.) In 1947, after returning to Japan from Manchuria after World War II, my grandfather started manufacturing dried noodles (Sanuki udon, Sanuki hiyamugi, and Sanuki somen) in Kagawa Prefecture. The second generation began selling dried noodles nationwide, which had previously been sold only in Kagawa Prefecture, and along with the growth in sales, the company focused on improving the quality of its production facilities, which enabled mass production of high-quality noodles using a process that focuses on the firmness and elasticity of the noodles and thorough mechanization. The current third generation of the company began exporting to Asia, whereas until now sales had been limited to the domestic Japanese market.