SANSHIAN TONE Dried Persimmon


Dried persimmons are astringent persimmons made into dried fruit. Although astringent persimmons cannot be eaten as is, they become sweet dried fruit when dried. Dried persimmons are made from Tone persimmons produced in Tokushima Prefecture. Tone persimmons retain their fruity flavor even after drying. This is a characteristic of this persimmon. Dried persimmon is a dried fruit that goes well with dairy products such as cheese, white wine, and alcohol.


Persimmon, Sulfur dioxide

3.54 in x 5.12 in x 1.18 in

2.82 oz

365 Days, Frozen



Established in 1971, KUNIWA CO., LTD. is a manufacturer of dried persimmons sweets and Setouchi fruit confectioneries. Our main product is the “dried persimmon rolls” made by rolling dried persimmons. Persimmons as dried fruit go well with dairy foods and alcohol. If frozen, they will keep over a year. We also grow fresh persimmons. If you are interested in Japanese persimmons, please feel free to contact us.