This pasta is shaped like the traditional Japanese flower "sakura" (cherry blossom). Additive-free. The color of the pasta matches the pink of cherry blossoms. The pink color comes from beets. The unique process of drying the pasta at low temperature for more than 36 hours allows it to retain its original shape and chewy texture even after boiling. Suitable for use in Japanese salads, simmered dishes, soups, etc., it is a reminder of the four seasons in Japan. Winner of the American Award in the "Omiyage Grand Prix 2017," a competition that gathers "omiyage" from all over Japan to delight everyone, from domestic to international. It was also introduced on NHK, a Japanese public broadcasting station.


Durum wheat flour (from Canada, U.S., and others) ,beet paste (Japan), salt (Japan)

3.35 in x 2.17 in x 7.09 in

3.53 oz

12 Months, Room Temperature


tamaya noodle manufacturing

We are in the noodle making business in the center of Yamagata Prefecture, at the foot of Mount Tsukiyama. Starting with the production of udon noodles in 1959, today we manufacture and sell dry noodles and fresh noodles such as buckwheat and Mugikiri (thinly cut udon) noodles. We use carefully selected raw materials of authentic origin, and pay special attention to our manufacturing process based on the principle of hand-making and artisanal methods. We manufacture our products from the customer's perspective. We strive to improve the satisfaction of each and every customer. We want to be a noodle factory that responds to the changes of the times and continues to evolve on a daily basis.