“YUI” has a unique character with a subtle green aroma. The fragrance and sweetness of flowers are expressed as they are. It is characterized by its gradually spreading sweetness and elegant taste. Roses grown at Rose Farm KEIJI, a farm in Shiga Prefecture that produces original roses called "Wabara", are hand-picked and dried using low-temperature vacuum extraction, a method that brings out the flavor of the ingredients. It is characterized by its aroma and rich taste because it is dried at a low temperature of 45°C or lower to prevent oxidation. This tea is made from 100% rose petals, using only dried petals.


dried rose petals

3.5 in x 0.39 in x 5.47 in

0.18 oz

2 Years, Room Temperature


rose universe

"WABARA" produced by Keiji Kunieda, a breeder who has been active for 40 years. WA" means not only "Japanese" but also "harmony," "serenity," and "peace. “BARA” is the Japanese word for rose, and “WABARA” is a rose that expresses Japanese culture and aesthetics. Processed goods: The roses grown on the farm without chemical fertilizers and pesticides are extracted using a method called "low temperature vacuum extraction". Unlike conventional steam distillation, it does not require a solvent such as water. In addition, since the extraction is performed under vacuum, the materials do not oxidize and can be extracted at a low temperature of 45°C or lower, allowing for the extraction of heat-sensitive ingredients. We named the resulting 100% rose extract "rose biological water" and "dried petals". Based on these two high-purity raw materials, we are developing them as raw materials for food and cosmetics.