Roasted seaweed for commercial (Rank A Full size 50 sheets)


It is produced in Saga Prefecture, the largest seaweed-growing area in Japan, where nutrients from the mouth of the Ariake Sea are abundant and the best quality seaweed is obtained. For this product, the ones from the first harvest are taken from the net at the beginning of the year and processed. The texture is soft and crisp and the flavor is sweet and mouthwatering. It comes in a resealable aluminum zipper bag, which is convenient for a long-term storage. The quality of this product will satisfy customers such as restaurants and hotels.


Dry seaweed

9.45 in x 1.18 in x 11.42 in

7.05 oz

540 Days, Room Temperature


Isoya Co., Ltd.


At ISOYA, we consider ourselves as seaweed concierge who can respond to the customers' request for better tasting seaweed. For more than half a century, Isoya has been dedicated to the production of seaweed. Our philosophy is "for the smiles and happiness of everyone involved with Isoya.” We offer the best seaweed that are appealing to our customers.