Roasted Black Rice Tea (10pcs tea bags in canister)


A mild tea with the bright pink color of anthocyanins and the relaxing aroma of brown rice. Put one packet in 150㏄ of hot water, wait for 5 minutes and shake the tea bag slightly in the hot water before removing it. This tea is also refreshing and can be enjoyed as cold tea. An easy-to-drink tea rich in polyphenols (anthocyanins). It is flavored with a small amount of vitamin C. Recommended for those on a sugar restriction. Contains no caffeine. 10 tea bags per can / 48 cans per box.


Black rice / Vitamin C

2.76 in x 2.76 in x 5.12 in

1.76 oz

1 Year, Room Temperature


greenpower nanohana

Greenpower Nanohana Co.,Ltd., an agricultural corporation in Toyama Prefecture, is one of the largest rice growers in Japan with over 400 ha in Toyama Plain, which is moistened by melting snow from the Northern Alps. Certified under the international ASIAGAP standard, it is a HACCP-compliant farm. In 2018, it began developing and exporting processed rice products, including White Rice and Colored Rice (Black Rice and Red Rice). In addition, the farm has newly developed Baby Food Porridge (PCT international patent pending), Black Rice Tea, Packed Rice and Colored Rice Flour (Black Rice Flour and Red Rice Flour) as processed rice products. The products have already been exported to Europe (UK, France, Germany, Finland) and East Asia (Hong Kong, Singapore, China).