Rice Flour Noodle Soup With Curry Flavour


Easy to prepare using a single cooking pot. Both the noodles and soup stock are gluten-free. Enjoy rice-flour noodles with savory firm texture served in a curry soup based on Japanese-style broth with traditional Umami from Kombu and dried fish. The set comes with a curry soup in flake form, using rice flour (instead of wheat flour) for thickening the soup.


Noodles: Non-glutinous rice (Uruchi rice produced in Fukushima Prefecture),potato starch. Curry roux: Vegetable oil (palm oil [produced in Japan], rapeseed oil), rice flour (made from rice produced in Japan), sugar, curry powder, dietary salt, soy sauce powder (including soybean ingredients), yeast extract, fish flour (dried bonito shaving, dried mackerel shaving, powder of small dried sardines), dried kelp powder, fruit juice (pineapple, mango, papaya), tomato powder

5.2 in x 0.98 in x 7.87 in

5.47 oz

8 Months, Room Temperature

soybeans, bonito, mackerel


At our company, we are making products that are compatible with rice flour, made from Japanese brand rice Koshihikari, as a raw material. To widely convey the goodness of rice flour overseas, we offer rice flour noodles that are gluten-free, free of chemical seasoning, free of animal ingredients, preservative-free and have a great texture.