"Nukadoko," a typical fermented food, has already been matured and fermented for a long time with vegetable lactic acid bacteria, so it can be used immediately. After opening the package, simply put vegetables in and let them pickle in the refrigerator, so there is no need to manage rice bran, which is a hassle. With this product, you can easily enjoy fermented foods. This popular product has won the Gourmet Grand Prize on the Rakuten EC site for two consecutive years. We are proud to offer this traditional product that boasts the No.1 share in the rice bran category in Japan.


Rice bran, Salt, Soy powder, Apple cider vinegar, Chili, Rice bran extract, Lactobacillus, Wine extract, Alcohol

2.76 in x 1.97 in x 6.69 in

6 oz

12 Months, Room Temperature

Soy, Apple

kohsei foods

We handle a wide variety of fermented foods in Japan. In North America, Japanese style pickles are highly recognized, and many people eat Japanese style pickles. We recognize that intestinal health plays a major role in overall health. We believe that fermented foods will become a healthy food option for more North Americans. Fermented rice koji rice is another healthy food ingredient and is used to make miso and sake. Amazake is still not as common an ingredient in North American kitchens as soy sauce. However, among cooking enthusiasts, this ingredient is recognized as an umami seasoning and natural sweetener, and using this ingredient can make your food taste even better. It can take your cooking to the next level.