Premium Wagyu Steak Shoyu


ATajima beef is the highest quality of Japanese beef brand that Tokiwa's hometown, Tajima, boasts to the world. We developed this soy sauce with the hope that our customers will enjoy the original taste of Tajima beef. We have paid thorough attention to the harmony with the umami component of the high-quality meat. The secret ingredient, plum vinegar, is a perfect match with the fat of the meat. We hope you will enjoy this premium soy sauce for high-grade meat.


Soy sauce(authentically-brewed), sugar, plum vinegar, rice fermented seasoning, salt, yeast extract、(contains some wheat and soybeans)

2.42 in x 2.42 in x 7.56 in

12.17 oz

12 Months, Room Temperautre

wheat and soybeans


Established 110 years ago in 1912, we have been producing vinegar and other seasonings in Tajima, a region surrounded by national and quasi national parks and rich in nature with lively storks. With the growing concern for food safety and health, we provide our customers with safe and delicious food products in the hope that people of all ages will have healthy bodies and minds.