Premium Surimi Snow Crab type (Almost Kani)


Imitation crabmeat with unbelievably genuine taste and appearance. Low calorie and high protein.


Fish Meat, Egg White, Potato Starch, Fish Extract, Sugar, Salt, Seasoning Oil, Vegetable and Fat Oil, Yeast Extract, Fermented Seasoning, Modified Starch, PH adjuster, V.C, Carotenoid Pigment, Water

5.12 in x 7.09 in x 0.79 in

2.86 oz

18 Months, Frozen

Egg, Shrimp, Crab, Wheat, Soybean, Rice, Fish


At Kanetetsu, we are committed to providing nourishing seafood that is tasty, healthy, and essential for creating vibrant lives. Leveraging the benefits of surimi and other seafood products, our nutritionists, researchers, and developers are dedicated to creating foods that support people's diets, allergy-free lifestyles, and healthy growth, while working tirelessly to support creating a sustainable global environment. We hope that the benefits of our products will help you lead healthier lives, enjoy the pleasure of eating, and spend more time with your family around nutritious meals. Kanetetsu values our connection to individuals, families, communities, and the Earth, and we hope to contribute to your happiness, fulfillment, and quality of life by providing delicious, healthy, and nourishing foods.