Using mikan juice as a base, four types of citrus is blended including yuzu, daidai bitter orange and ougonkan. Characterized by a mild acidity and made with 40% pure fruit juice, it is appreciated by those who do not normally like ponzu and also by children. For seasonal dishes, salads, fish, meat, shabu-shabu, etc.


Mikan(Mandarin orange)(Wakayama origin), Soy sauce, brewed vinegar, Sugar, Daidai juice, Yuzu juice, Kelp extract, Ougonkan juice, Yeast extract, Salt/Contain Wheat, Soybeans

2.44 in x 2.44 in x 8.66 in

12.17 oz

18 Months, Room Temperature

Wheat, Soy


We are located in Arida City, Wakayama, home of the largest harvest of Mikan (Mandarin orange) in Japan.  We are the organization with integrated operations from production to processing and sales. The area has a warm climate all year round, with little difference in temperature between day and night, and well-drained soil. Processed product that makes the most of the original taste of local ingredients.