Plant-based Crumbled Meat Japanese Style


100% plant-based and gluten free crumbled meat with Japanese taste. ●Healthy Fermented Japanese Ingredients For a Japanese taste, we use Japanese fermented foods such as miso paste and soy sauce from Ibaraki Prefecture made using traditional methods in wooden barrels. ●Delicious and easy to use! No seasoning is required. It can be served simply with noodles and rice, along with stir-fried vegetables, or use it in a variety of other dishes with just a little arrangement. ●For a variety of cuisine It is not only perfect for Japanese food, but also for Mexican, Korean, Chinese, and a wide range of other cuisines!


Plant protein (Pea protein, starch/peas, potatoes/, reduced starch syrup, plant oil), Mirin, Refined sake, Sesame oil, Rice oil, Garlic, Ginger, Cane sugar, Soy sauce ,Miso, Shiitake extract, Red pepper, Black pepper, Salt

2.56 in x 2.56 in x 3.15 in

3.53 oz

1 Year, Room Temperature

Soy, Sesame


We are a manufacturer that develops unique plant-based ingredients. Using Japanese healthy materials, we launched the "EASY VEGAN" brand with the hope that people will enjoy a meal that benefits the global environment, animals, and society, even one day a week. Our products have been well received as "delicious" vegan products that make the most of the appeal of Japanese ingredients. In particular, our plant-based cheese made with sakekasu (sake lees) is extremely popular.