Organic Yuzu&GreenTea Stick type


Yuzu is said to have the effects of relieving fatigue and boosting the immune system. With a gentle aroma and the refreshing flavor, you can expect an aromatic effect. It comes in a convenient stick pack and can be easily mixed with hot or cold water.


Organic GreenTea powder, Organic Yuzu Powder

4.33 in x 1.97 in x 6.69 in

0.14 oz

365 Days, Room Temperature


Organic JAS

A Japanese tea manufacturer in business for 83 years. Currently, the company is expanding its sales channels throughout Japan. The company is the original manufacturer of sencha green tea with matcha, and while being followed by other companies, it is still supported by end users and has confidence in its technical and product capabilities. We are also able to purchase tea of various quality and price ranges from tea contract farms throughout Japan, where tea industry’s purchasing practice is said to be difficult. This allows us to offer products that meet the needs of our customers as well as to provide a stable supply. We started a Japanese tea café business 15 years ago, and hope to be of service not only in tea sales, but also in creating menus and teaching how to brew delicious tea by considering tea as an ingredient and material. FSSC22000, Organic JAS.