Organic black garlic peel powder


Black garlic peels are popular among health-conscious people, and the method of taking nutrients from the peels has been to boil them in tea or soup. However, the method of extracting nutrients by boiling in hot water is inefficient, and this product has made it possible to deliver nutrients directly to the intestines by creating an easy-to-eat powder form. With its slightly sweet and mild taste, it can be easily used by simply pouring it over various dishes.


Organic black garlic peel

4.72 in x 0.39 in x 7.09 in

2.47 oz

2 Years, Room Temperature


Organic JAS

We manufacture food products from the production of raw materials such as garlic leaf miso and organic black garlic. Our basic philosophy is to provide "happiness" to our customers through food. We believe that "taste + beauty/health + safety/security" = "happiness.” All of our main ingredients are organically grown on our own farms. We are committed to providing additive-free products so that our customers can enjoy our products with peace of mind for their loved ones and families.