Organic black garlic paste [Super sweet and non-acrid taste]


This is a pure paste of 100% organic black garlic. No nitrate ion values, an acrid taste component, were detected in our black garlic. The average sugar content of black garlic in Japan is 53.9 degrees (Brix), but our black garlic is extremely sweet at 75.7 degrees. The reason for this high sugar content is that we use a very tasty special variety of garlic with sweet leaves. It has received high praise from Italian, French, and Japanese chefs.


Organic garlic (Organic JAS certified, grown on our own farm in Susaki, Kochi)

5.91 in x 0.39 in x 11.02 in

17.64 oz

2 Years, Room Temperature


Organic JAS

We manufacture food products from the production of raw materials such as garlic leaf miso and organic black garlic. Our basic philosophy is to provide "happiness" to our customers through food. We believe that "taste + beauty/health + safety/security" = "happiness.” All of our main ingredients are organically grown on our own farms. We are committed to providing additive-free products so that our customers can enjoy our products with peace of mind for their loved ones and families.