Miracle powder that almost all carbohydrates are dietary fiber. This premium okara powder improves the coarseness of high-fiber powders by making the particles finer than wheat flour. Can be used as a substitute for wheat flour in cooking, baking, and making bread. In addition, it can be eaten without heating, so it can be used for cooking methods where it can be sprinkled or mixed as is. A Japanese superfood made from upcycled tofu by-products. We hope you will give it a try.


OKARA POWDER (Soy Beans , Non-GMO)

7.09 in x 2.76 in x 9.45 in

10.58 oz

18 Months, Room Temprature


We deal in powder made by drying okara, a by-product of tofu production, as a raw material. Okara" is a superfood with high nutritional benefits, although most of it is disposed of. We sell okara as a raw material, and also plan and propose processed foods that take advantage of its characteristics (Gluten-Free, Vegan, KETO, High-Fiber, Low GI). In addition to being used as a substitute for flour in cooking, baking, and making bread, it can also be eaten as is without heating, making it possible to make creams, sauces, and unbaked cookies that are ready just by mixing. As a supplemental element, simply mix it into the finished dish or drink to obtain the dietary fiber that is often lacking.