Oikoji miso is our top-quality miso. Using carefully selected local ingredients, it is matured with Saishikomi (Extra koji) method which is quite rare in normal miso production. Only limited brewery tries this method. Saishikomi method adds extra koji in the middle of the maturing process. This extra koji makes it possible to produce rich aroma and balanced flavor compared to the basic quality miso. Furthermore, the use of wooden barrels that are more than 100 years old allows many microorganisms to promote fermentation, resulting in a complex and profound flavor. This miso is perfect to spice up not only Japanese cooking, but also as a dipping sauce for Western dishes and as a spice for baking.


rice, soybean, salt, alcohol

4.25 in x 4.25 in x 3.15 in

14.11 oz

12 Months, Refrigerated


kono vinegar miso manufacturing factory

Our brewery is located 332 meters above sea level, near the Hiruzen highland, known for its beautiful water and rich nature. Founded in 1888, we continue to use wooden barrels and historic brewery buildings. We are a small, family-oriented brewery that is committed to authentic brewing by taking good care of the koji. At the same time, we are willing to take on the challenge of new techniques. Our brewery has been making authentic seasonings using traditional methods for 100 years.