Oganic Topinambur Mulberry tea


Our skilled artisans have carefully crafted this tea blend to offer a delightful taste and enticing aroma. It combines organic mulberry leaves and Jerusalem artichokes sourced from local farms, including our own. These ingredients, known for their active compounds that fight blood sugar, promote digestion, and more, are popular in Japan. For optimal health benefits, enjoy this beverage before meals.


Organic Mulberry Leaves (JAPAN), Organic Topinambur (JAPAN)

6.3 in x 1.97 in x 9.06 in

2.65 oz

2 Years, Room Temperature


Organic JAS
shimane organic farm

Shimane Organic Farm Co., Ltd was established in 2004. We are dedicated to producing the highest quality traditional Japanese food ingredients and functional health foods. Shimane Organic Farm group fields and facilities are located in Shimane Prefecture (western Japan), one of the most ecologically clear areas in Japan. Based on the principle of "manufacturing products that enable all customers to lead safe, secure and healthy lives," we will continue to develop more reliable products in all processes. We have experience in OEM manufacturing and export of food ingredients and ready-to-eat products to overseas markets (15 countries) Try our Seasonings, Spices and Herb Teas! Certification: ISO:22000, Organic JAS