Oden Soup Base / Sukiyaki Soup Base


Oden: Soy sauce is flavored with broth made from Hidaka kelp produced in Hokkaido and flavored with hon mirin (Japanese sweet cooking sake). Hidaka kelp is a perfect ingredient for oden soup, as it produces a less sweet and more refined flavor for broth than other kelp.


Oden:Soy sauce (domestic production) / mirin / kombu extract / sugar / seasoning (organic acids, etc.) Sukiyaki:Soy sauce (manufactured in Japan) / sugar / salt / kombu extract / seasoning (amino acids, etc.) / caramel pigment / sweetener (sucralose)

5.91 in x 2.83 in x 10.24 in

26.46 oz

15 Months, Room Temperature

wheat, soybeans, tree nuts

ダイショー 20年ロゴ

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