Two cups (300g) of rice from all over Japan are vacuum-packed in a single serving size, giving you a chance to try different varieties. The best-by date is one year at room temperature, making it very easy to handle during the distribution process and in stores. Also suitable as novelties and gifts.


Japanese rice 100%

3.94 in x 8.27 in x 0.67 in

10.58 oz

1 Year, Room Temperature



I entered this industry by chance from the food and beverage industry. I went from a person buying rice for consumption to suddenly being in the position of selling it. I had been casually eating rice until then, but as I became involved in the rice industry and learned more about it, I realized that it is a rewarding job and the rice industry is deep. Starting with the history of rice, from the breeding of local varieties, to rice milling processing, blending know-how, rice cooking methods and their key points, and so on. It is an inseparable part of the Japanese people. The moment when I encounter wonderful rice produced with great care by farmers who have a philosophy is the moment when I feel happy to be a rice shop owner. We deliver the rice together with the excitement we feel at the production site, and we hope that our customers will say, "It was delicious, thank you! “ That is the meaning of our existence and the value we place on it.