NO-MSG added prepared cuttlefish


・ Stable quality “Sushi Ika” product (Sashimi grade) * Manufactured in a HACCP-approved factory which meets the U.S. FDA requirements ・ The slits make it easy to eat and give it a good texture. ・ MSG-free ・ No distinctive taste or smell of seasoning, which can be found in inexpensive foreign products. ・ While price may be more than that of inexpensive foreign products, it adds higher quality to the dishes you make. ・ For Making Sushi and Sashimi ・ Depending on the size of a piece, it can be cut into two or three pieces, making the cost per slice lower. ・ To be sold at Fish/Seafood departments at supermarkets ・ Easy to display. Simply repack into small containers without cutting. Because each piece is large, it looks bigger and attracts the attention of customers.


Cuttlefish, Sorbitol, Ethyl alcohol as Preservative, Salt, Sodium lactate,Fermented seasonging (Rice, Salt), Citric acid

9.76 in x 7.09 in x 0.98 in

24.69 oz

12 Months, Frozen



Founded in 1918, Marutomo K.K. is a well-established Japanese company that has been in business for over 100 years. As a comprehensive seafood manufacturer, the company produces and sells its main product of dried bonito, dried sardines, noodle soup, dashi stock, pet food and chilled foods. We were the first in the Japanese food industry to acquire HACCP and GMP certification, which are global standards for manufacturing. We ensure safety and security through FSSC22000 and ISO2200 certification. Currently, we export our products to numerous countries including the U.S., Europe, and ASEAN countries. Many people around the world use our products for making traditional Japanese food, and our products have been loved by our customers for many years as we have earned the trust of our customers.