Nihonbashi Junmai Daiginjo


This is a Junmai Daiginjo sake brewed by Yokota Shuzo, the fourth ranked sake brewery in Japan in terms of the number of awards given by the Japan National Sake Competition. This product has received the gold medal in the competition for seven consecutive years. It is a very well-balanced sake with the high aroma of a Daiginjo and the solid taste of rice that only Junmai sake can provide. It is characterized by a very pleasant ginjo aroma that reminds one of melon or banana.


Rice, Rice Koji

3.86 in x 4.02 in x 11.81 in

24.35 oz

2 Years, Room Temperature



With more than 200 years of history since Edo period, we have won gold medals at the Japan National Sake Competition 17 times in the past 20 years. This is the fourth highest number of awards among approximately 1,500 sake breweries in Japan. Since the time of its first founder, the company has been branded "Nihonbashi(@Ginza Tokyo)," and its story is unique, dating back to the Edo period. Our sake is not only carefully crafted, but it is naturally high quality and easy to drink, while giving a strong impression to the customer by clearly conveying its flavor. In addition to sake, we also offer a selection of liqueurs such as ume (plum) and yuzu (citron) sake, which are made without using any flavoring agents in order to preserve the original aroma and taste of the ingredients