Raw soy sauce made with natural farming native soybeans, natural farming wheat, and sun-dried sea salt. Unpasteurized and no filtering of yeast. Retains living beneficial bacteria. Antioxidant bottle and sun block package to prevent deterioration. Frozen or refrigerated. 1 year brewing.


natural farming native soy beans natural farming wheat sun dried sea salt

1.97 in x 1.97 in x 5.51 in

4.06 oz

2 Years, Refrigerated


USDA Organic, EU Organic, Organic JAS

We carry out everything from production to processing and sales in a consistent manner using farming methods (natural cultivation) that do not use fertilizers, compost, or pesticides. The cultivation area is 18ha, and we grow 50 kinds of grains, beans, and vegetables annually. Items such as beer, soy milk gelato, miso, soy sauce, and natto are all produced using traditional methods without additives. Our beer won the International Beer Cup 2018 Silver and 2020 Bronze, and is the only beer that has been adopted by INUA, a branch of Copenhagen’s NOMA. It will be served at Mugaritz in San Sebastian this winter. We plan to acquire organic certification from Ecocert by the end of this year for all fields and processing plants.