MOCHIKON, made from konjac, is a healthy sweet with a "soft and chewy” texture like a mochi Perfect sweets for health-conscious people 82 kcal per bag Matcha is a popular flavor worldwide The ingredients include famous Uji and Nishio green tea You can taste the umami and bitterness of authentic matcha HALAL Certified


Konjac〔Konjac flour, Salt / Modified starch, Flavoring, Calcium hydroxide, Sweetner (Acesulfame potassium)〕 Matcha syrup〔Sugar mixed high fructose corn syrup, Sugar, Salt/ Thickener (Xanthan gum), Flavoring, Sweetner (Sucralose, Acesulfame potassium)〕 Matcha soybean flour〔Soybean (non-GMO), Sugar, Matcha, Salt〕

6.89 in x 4.13 in x 1.38 in

3.99 oz

1 Year, Room Temperature


Halal: Nippon Asia Halal Association



Food manufacturer located in Kyushu, Japan The year 2023 marks the 108th anniversary of the company's founding. The company manufactures and sells "natto," "tofu," "konnyaku," "tokoro-ten," and "cereal flour. We export frozen natto and processed konjac products. MOCHIKON," which is konjac processed like a sweet, has become a very popular product as a healthy sweet all over the world.