Miso Powder Furi Furu Deeper Fermented


Longer Fermented Miso, which has been aged for two years or more, undergoes the Maillard reaction and develops a sour taste. This sour taste is reduced by air-drying for several hundred hours. Longer Fermented Miso is characterized by its richness and flavor. You can sprinkle it on dishes with strong flavors, such as fried brown rice and tempeh (fermented soybeans), fried rice bowl with soy meat, or gratin with soy milk or wheat.


Soybean / Koji / Salt

1.54 in x 1.54 in x 3.94 in

1.41 oz

1 Year, Room Temperature



My miso is naturally fermented in a traditional brewery. This method yields a richer, more complex flavor. Unlike other powdered miso makers, I dry miso at low temperatures for extended periods of time to ensure that the flavor of the miso is not lost and that the enzymes remain active. The dried powdered miso can be used for one year at room temperature. After the miso is powdered (granulated), it is packaged in a convenient jar container so that it can be used at any time. Powdered miso is affected by enzymes, light, temperature, etc., causing a Maillard reaction. The color deepens and changes from white to light yellow, brown, etc., but there are no quality problems. One-man operation Masayuki Shimizu (Miso Sommelier) I have been growing soybeans in terroir for many years using environmentally friendly farming methods. I have honed my skills to produce the best beans that will positively impact future generations. In 2022, I am certified as an organic farmer and organic.