Original Miso & Easy is our authentic and traditional miso broth concentrate with bonito stock. You can easily make miso soup for restaurants by simply dissolving it in hot water. Use it in a variety of recipes for quick meals with all the flavor and health benefits of traditional miso paste.


INGREDIENTS: Miso (Filtered Water, Soybeans [Non-genetically modified], Rice, Salt), Filtered Water, Sw eet Rice Wine, Salt, Alcohol (To preserve freshness), Powdered Yeast Extract, Dried Bonit o Extract, Dried Bonito Powder, Dried Frigate Mackerel Powder

2.76 in x 1.97 in x 6.89 in

15.17 oz

18 Months, Room Temperature

Soybeans, Bonito Fish, Tuna Fish, Frigate Mackerel Fish

marukome usa

For a century and a half, Marukome has been making fine Miso and fermented foods. Today, we distribute worldwide a full line of products for both home and commercial consumption. Miso, the traditional Japanese seasoning made from fermented soybeans, has been cultivated and refined for over one thousand years. Since its founding in 1854, Marukome has dedicated solely to the production of Miso and is profoundly committed to continuous improvement and innovation. In 2007, we also had the launch of miso production in the USA. We have achieved the #1 market share for miso in Japan.