(milled rice) Hokkaido Nanatsuboshi Rice


Nanatsuboshi is the variety with the highest yield of any Hokkaido-grown rice. It cooks up fluffy with a glossy finish, providing a perfect balance of stickiness and sweetness, which is a combination enjoyed by many Japanese consumers. This variety goes well with any type of cuisine. It is also delicious when served cold, making it ideal for sushi. It has received the highest ranking of "Special A" in the rice evaluation program for 13 consecutive years. A rice variety with the right amount of sweetness and stickiness, which last long even when cold. Recommended for making boxed lunches, sushi, Japanese cuisine and Japanese-style breakfast.


milled rice (Nanatsuboshi)

10.24 in x 15.75 in x 2.36 in

11.02 lb

1 Year, Room Temperature



Our predecessor is Hakodate Region Food Cooperative founded in 1951 for the purpose of stable supply of rice to southern Hokkaido. It was reorganized into Hakodate Beikoku Co., Ltd., a rice wholesaler in 1956. We have been in the business of milling and selling rice. As a well-established rice wholesaler, we take pride in manufacturing high-quality products. Our corporate philosophy is to be sincere to our customers and make everyday effort to enhance customer satisfaction.