Matcha Zen Cafe


Aiya’s Matcha Zen Café Blend is a sweet, delicate mixture of antioxidant-rich Japanese Matcha green tea and pure cane sugar, allowing for quicker preparation of Matcha lattes, smoothies, and other culinary applications. Created for café-inspired drinks, this sweetened tea blend provides all the same health benefits of Matcha. Just add a scoop to create your own delicious beverage!


Pure Cane Sugar, Matcha Green Tea, Fruit Pectin

7.0 in x 3.0 in x 10.0 in

2.2 oz

730 Days, Refriderated


aiya america

Family owned and operated since 1888, Aiya is the largest producer of premium Japanese Matcha green tea. Based in Nishio, Japan, Aiya oversees all phases of the Matcha production process, from seed to bowl, and is committed to providing high-quality organic and conventional Matcha to the world. Aiya America supports the North American market by supplying Matcha powder in bulk to manufacturers, wholesale quantities to small businesses and cafés, and Aiya Matcha branded products to retail customers.