Genen Soy Sauce is pure brewed, left to slowly ferment and age naturally in large cedar-wood barrels. The 200-year-old traditional method uses only whole soybeans, wheat and sun-dried salt. The unique fermentation and maturation process gives this pure brewed soy sauce a rich, full-bodied flavor while cutting salt content by 50%.


Soy (Japan, North America), wheat (Japan), salt (Mexico), alcohol (Brazil, etc.)

1.89 in x 1.89 in x 7.48 in

5.07 oz

365 Days, Room Temperature

Wheat, Soy

Organic JAS

Since its foundation in 1789, FUEKISHOUYU has continued to preserve its traditional brewing methods for over 200 years. Carefully selected whole soybeans, wheat, and sun-dried salt are placed in large cedar-wood barrels and allowed to ferment and mature naturally over time.