KURA ONE - Chiyomusubi Gohyakumangoku Junmai (180ml)


This "Chiyomusubi (Gohyakumangoku)" is a Junmai (pure rice) sake made using Gohyakumangoku rice produced by contracted farmers in Tottori Prefecture. To preserve its flavor, it undergoes careful bottle pasteurization to ensure the aroma is not compromised. By blending aromatic yeast, it has a vibrant fragrance reminiscent of melons and apples. It delivers a clean attack on the palate followed by a memorable richness that expands in the aftertaste. It pairs well with dishes like sautéed fish and grilled chicken. Size: 5.7 x 5.7 x 9.9 cm Weight: 0.196kg Volume: 180ml Ingredients: rice (Japan), rice koji (Japan) Rice-polishing ratio: 55 ALC.: 15% JAN: 4595644645091 Brewery: Chiyomusubi shuzo


rice (Japan), rice koji (Japan)

2.24 in x 2.24 in x 3.9 in

6.09 oz

3 Years, Refrigerated



Aiming to find new value in Japan's Native Products (regional products) and deliver the individuality that makes people want to get their hands on them to untapped markets, we have launched the KURA ONE business (January 31, 2023) to change the "undeliverable" nature of sake into "deliverable" sake. KURA ONE is a brand of sake that carefully selects representative brands from award-winning sake breweries in Japan and abroad and refills them in a compact size (180 ml / 196 g / 9.9 cm). ONE is a "cool, easy-to-handle sake" for people in Japan and abroad who could not pick up Japanese sake because it is "too heavy," "can't drink it," "won't fit in the refrigerator," "don't understand the terminology," or "don't understand the Japanese language. We are taking on the challenges of Communication and Delivery, such as linking with multilingual smartphone applications and delivery to over 100 countries worldwide (North America is not yet supported).