Komemitsu Rice Malt Syrup Natural biscuits 5 pieces


It is a natural biscuit with a mild sweetness that comes from sugar, Jiroame (rice malt syrup), and brown rice amazake. A traditional Kanazawa flavor, Tawaraya's Jiroame, is featured. No milk or eggs are used. The recipe was developed in collaboration with Yuka Kokon, a Kanazawa resident and researcher of natural foods with rice malt. ・Use of the traditional taste of Kanazawa, Tawaraya's Jiroame (rice malt syrup) ・Mild sweetness from Jiroame (rice malt syrup) and brown rice amazake ・No animal-derived ingredients such as dairy products and eggs ・Recipe developed in collaboration with Yuka Kokon


Wheat flour (wheat made in Hokkaido 100% used), vegetable shortening, beet sugar, barley flour, rice malt syrup, wheat starch, coconut milk, brown rice amazake, salted rice malt, salt/ leavening agent

3.11 in x 2.17 in x 4.13 in

2.03 oz

10 Months, Room Temperature

●Allergens contained in raw materials (out of 27 items) Wheat ●We do not use milk ingredients or eggs, but we manufacture them with the same equipment as products containing milk ingredients and eggs.

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