Kitcho Reishi herb tea


Kitcho in Japanese means that good things are about to happen. Kitcho Tea is an herbal tea prepared by an international Chinese doctor and medicinal herbalist based on the five elements theory of oriental medicine, using carefully selected pesticide-free ingredients to maximize the efficacy of herbal medicines. A green herbal tea with a refreshing taste based on organic deer horn reishi mushrooms grown on the company's own farm and Japanese lemongrass with a hint of mint. We are very particular about the tea ingredients we use, which grow under organic cultivation, and our tea is also used as a drink menu item at popular cafes and restaurants. No coloring agents are added, and only pesticide-free herbs are used, so you can enjoy this tea with peace of mind. We hope everyone enjoys this healthy and delicious product.


Lemongrass (Japan), organic deer horn reishi powder, paper mint, butterfly peas, mulberry leaf

7.87 in x 0.39 in x 4.72 in

1.76 oz

1 Year, Room Temperature


hokkaido reishi

We are a company with an integrated production system from cultivation, processing, manufacturing and sales of the world's highest quality Reishi mushrooms in a small town in Hokkaido, an environmentally superior area. We are certified as organic in Japan, FDA certified in the U.S., Healthy Do, Hokkaido's own functional labeling system, and hold a patent for cultivation of Reishi mushrooms. Currently, our products are used by customers in 64 countries around the world. We also sell Reishi supplements, engage in the OEM contract processing, and supply Reishi raw materials. Mr. Okita, the founder of Reishi, who had been treated with insulin for a long time for diabetes, was freed from his long-time dependence on insulin by taking Reishi on a regular basis. Based on his own experience, Mr. Okita established Hokkaido Reishi Corporation 12 years ago with the strong desire to help as many people as possible become healthy.