Kinmemai Brown Rice has been No. 1 in the brown rice category for Five consecutive years in the Japanese market. Kinmemai Brown rice has a fluffy texture like white rice. Features 1. Like white rice, soft and fluffy. Delicious to enjoy as daily rice or ingredient for various dishes. 2. You can cook KINMEMAI Brown rice as easy as cooking conventional white rice   1) You can cook in a regular rice cooker (white rice mode).   2) Rinse-free!! You don't need to rinse it in water before cooking   3) Soaking time is only one hour. 3. Nutritious as conventional brown rice.


Brown Rice

12.2 in x 9.45 in x 1.57 in

4.41 lb

1 Year, Room Temperature


toyo rice

Unlike other rice brands or farmer's groups, TOYO rice is a unique, comprehensive rice technology company, and we are creating new added value based on environmental and health benefits for rice products.