kin no mai gold powder paper cylinder


Easy-to-use sprinkling type gold powder. It can be used as toppings and decorations for food, sweets, drinks, etc. in a wide range of applications regardless of genre.


food additive coloring Gold Leaf  Gold 94.44%, Silver 4.90%, Copper 0.66%

0.98 in x 0.98 in x 3.94 in

0 oz

730 Days, Room Temperature


japan commutator

Established in 1970, we have been engaged in the manufacture of commutators (motor parts) for a long time. We then stopped manufacturing commutators in-house and switched to importing and selling them. During this time, we have expanded our business as a trading company, mainly importing and exporting motors, motor parts, and materials. Furthermore, utilizing our expertise in overseas transactions, in 2022, as a new business strategy, we registered on Alibaba's B2B international exhibition platform and launched an overseas sales business for made-in-Japan products. In this new business, in addition to traditional industrial materials, our main products expanded to general consumer goods such as food and health foods. This time, we intend to focus mainly on selling and promoting safe and reliable Japanese products to overseas markets.