Artisanal cracked ice. Most widely used in drinks in Japan. The natural and organic shapes reflect the Japanese aesthetic sensibility of wabi-sabi, which represents “beauty within simplicity and imperfection.” The musical clinking of melting kachiwari™️ in a rocks glass creates a heightened appreciation for the experience.



7.09 in x 1.97 in x 11.02 in

2.2 oz

2 Years, Frozen


kuramoto ice

Originally founded in 1923, Kuramoto Ice was established during the third generation of family ownership, when we decided to focus solely on manufacturing high-quality ice for restaurants and bars. In 2015, we established a new ice manufacturing plant with a production capacity of 10 tons a day and strengthened our hygiene and safety protocols so that our customers can fully enjoy our highquality ice with peace of mind. Our ice is produced from water sourced from Hakusan Mountain Range between Ishikawa prefecture and Gifu prefecture. It takes as long 48 to 72 hours to produce this ice. The soft water with 40 water hardness is reduced to 3 to 4 by removing its minerals when turned to ice. By stirring the water, resulting ice has little air bubble with higher purity and density. This ice is less easy to melt and keeps the original taste of the drink longer without diluting it. We also offer different shapes of ice to suit variety of glasses, as well as different purposes for use.